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A Muralha de Gelo (As Crónicas de Gelo e Fogo, #2)

A Muralha de Gelo (As Crónicas de Gelo e Fogo, #2) - George R.R. Martin,  Jorge Candeias As has been said, this is a story with a bit of everything you can see in epic fantasy: magic, mystery, adventure and romance. But it is the intrigue that transforms the first part of The Song of Ice and Fire from another high fantasy book that runs after Tolkien to an amazing work of art by itself (I hate those typical comments on the back cover: "this is the best thing since Tolkien" or " the book that overshadowed Harry Potter"). It is a story about kings and former kings or their heirs, faithful servants, mercenaries and betrayers and other humanoid creatures not yet understood. Told from a lot of point of views, each chapter is narrated by a different character, in a different place, with very different information. By the end of this part, while you are trying to predict what will happen now (you can't help not to), you peer into the preview of the next part offered in this edition and you feel like running to the bookshop to read it immediately. This is the second part of the first book in the series - A Game of Thrones.I recommend this book to fantasy fans, but mostly to those that enjoy politics and conspiracy.