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Bloodlight - The Apocalypse of Robert Goldner by Harambee K. Grey-Sun

Bloodlight: The Apocalypse of Robert Goldner - Harambee K. Grey-Sun
Bloodlight was another NetGalley bet. The author set himself to write a work of fiction that would allow him to explore simultaneously the insecurities of a teenager and metaphysical issues such as religion and reality. If this idea seemed really good, unfortunately the final result ended up being below expectations.
Grey-Sun's book is a fantasy history quite close to weird fiction though far from the effectiveness of horror writers I've read before such as H. P. Lovecraft or Laird Barron. The fantasy has its basis on christianism but it's not so much an exploration of religion but a simple transformation of some of its faces to give this story context. Robert Goldner, the main character, is a seventeen year old boy with severe issues of self-confidence and an odd concept of self-affirmation that is believable considering a context of bullying and racism and a school divided in cliques typical of american teen TV series. As the main focus of the story, Robert didn't grab me and his story doesn't differ from so many others about these issues that abound nowadays. While he deals with his already complicated life, Robert starts having hallucinations that grow more vivid and complex and its in their description that the book stands out. On one hand, one must admit the author's huge imagination shown by these hallucinations and by his ability to create some delirious moments that actually make sense considering the ending. On the other hand, the hallucinations where often overdone and the moments are so frequent that their descriptions end up being boring and unnecessary.
Grey-Sun's prose isn't specially well achieved neither in event narration nor in the wording of the main character's thoughts. The dialogues were in general simple and straightforward, adding little or nothing to the story apart from a needed interruption to the otherwise never-ending narration.
Although not terrible, Bloodlight was a disappointing read that failed to achieve the author's purposes and ended up making me give up on reading the trilogy that follows this prequel.
This review was originally published on my blog in Portuguese and English.
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