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Skim by Jillian and Mariko Tamaki

Skim - Mariko Tamaki, Jillian Tamaki

I borrowed Skim after reading a friend's review. This graphic novel uses the life of a 16 year old overweight Wiccan-in-training girl to explore various aspects of being a teenager.
The story of Skim - also the girls nickname - is at a turning point. Throughout the book she experiences some situations that question the typical dramas of adolescence. Themes such as peer acceptance, normality and prejudice, passion, self-discovery, true or circumstantial friendships or the will to disappear or suicide are tackled more or less superficial as the story progresses. The three main issues that support this exploration are a friend's suicide, falling in love with a teacher and a strange asymmetric friendship with Lisa. The pace is set and kept by moments when Kim writes on her diary, in pages with a different organization and illustration, which include comments that show what she is learning or discovering and, with no lack of irony, help to transmit the message to the reader.
The illustration is effective though not specially beautiful or original.
Skim is a graphic novel about teenage that goes through multiple of its characteristic problems and points to some lessons though never feeling patronizing or overly dramatic, doubtlessly of interest to fans of comics or of this theme, despite not being as deep in its analysis as it could have been.


This review was originally published in Portuguese and English on my blog.

Source: http://omnilogikos.blogspot.pt/2013/07/pedi-skim-emprestado-depois-de-ler-esta.html