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Bone by Jeff Smith

Bone - Jeff Smith

I started reading Bone knowing absolutely nothing about it. I didn't know Jeff Smith, I knew only that Bone was a giant black and white graphic novel and that a friend of mine loves it.

The story starts with three odd characters that through a series of events and coincidences get involved in an epic war (which does remind me of Lord of the Rings). You know nothing about any of them, there is no introduction telling you who the characters are and it becomes very nice to get to know them and understand them with the parts of each one's past that you find out in small conversations now and then. As the story goes and you get past half the book you have to force yourself to close it and sleep in order to be able to work the next day. Both the illustrations and the dialogues are great, it made me wish I could get a story going like Jeff Smith did with Bone. This novel has it all, fun, storyline, it's own mythology, more fun, cool characters going through life changing situations and corny love poems.

I didn't feel that blast of emotions that my 5 stars books usually give me near the end, or after it, but there is nothing for me to point out as negative in this book. If you like comics and you like fantasy, be sure not to miss Bone.