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Siegfried Volume 1 by Alex Alice

Siegfried Volume 1 - Alex Alice

Alex Alice set himself up to reinterpret the Saga of the Völsungs, The Ring of the Nibelung, inspired by Wagner and some other sources, and make both a graphic novel and an animated film. This is the first of the three volumes of the resulting graphic novel. Apart from the story itself, this also includes an interview with the artist where he explains the creative process of the project. I read it in English.

The story here is no surprise for anyone who knows the old Norse Mythology, though it felt a bit too quick. There were some changes from the original tales, but it all makes sense anyway. The strong point of Siegfried is, without a doubt, the art. The main characters are nicely drawn, mostly Mime, but it's everything else that is truly surprising, the other characters, the animals, the house, the forest...

My favourite moment was the riddling conversation between Odin and Mime, but I also want to praise the use of the Völva as a narrator which worked out really well helping the story progress.All in all, it's worth reading for any comics fan but recommended the most for those who like Norse Mythology.


This review was originally published at my blog both in English and Portuguese.

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