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Blankets - Craig Thompson Blankets is as much of a graphic novel as it is a diary or an autobiography. Reading it, you will feel as if you are talking with Craig and he is telling you stuff about him and his life story. Even if he sometimes seems to want to talk about something in the present, he will consistently go back to the past and tell you about his childhood, which helps understand his options, his thoughts and his beliefs.Once I had read a third of the book, I felt like I should just read on and finish all of it, and I would have kept reading all night long if I could. Things are told as if you were having a conversation with Craig (the character, at least) and it gets you to think about what you would do, to analyse his beliefs as they change and maybe remember your own childhood and youth. The evolution of his thoughts and his beliefs is one of the strongest and most interesting parts of the book. The illustration is also very simple, in black and white, and I can't really think of a better way to help convey his message and his feelings than those drawings, Craig's facial expression, those explosions of patterns, and sometimes the simple absence of background.This is no simple story. It's credible and if on the whole it seems a regular child/teenager story, it will sometimes terrify you, and you'll find yourself thinking if it was true to Craig's real life story and at the same time hoping it wasn't.I would recommend this book to people that enjoy comics and find biographic stories and their analysis interesting.