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Mystic Arcana TPB

Mystic Arcana - Louise Simonson, David Sexton, Roy Thomas I have to say this was somewhat disappointing. You can divide it in two parts, the first one about Ian Mcnee's quest and the second part consisting in Ian's notes while investigating the first tarot.The story was too straightforward, each task quickly done and over. The end, though not predictable, wasn't well written enough to be exciting.The second part is the book's salvation. The notes are very well written, funny and intriguing, and anyone who knows a bit about the marvel universe and recognizes the characters will feel like investigating it or looking for hints elsewhere themselves. If this is the beginning of something, it might be good.The best thing here are the illustrations. Both the drawings and the colouring are very well done, sometimes quite different from usual marvel stuff, but always adequate to the story.If you aren't already a marvel comics fan, don't start here. If you are and you have been wishing for marvel to get in touch with its mystic side again, give it a try, but without high expectations.