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Collins Complete Photography Course

Collins Complete Photography Course - Graeme Harris, John Garrett This was the first of three photography books I decided to read as introduction into the theme, its techniques and creative possibilities. The one best thing I can say about this Photography Course is that reading it has really got me into trying my new Sony Cyber-shot DSC HX100V. If the title with the word "complete" might be an overstatement, in fact it does include most or all of the subjects one would expect to find in a technical photography book.It starts by a quick review of the history of photography and then moves to a chapter on equipment with enough information for a newcomer to understand what kind of camera one should buy and what else is needed to produce the wanted results, from torch to tripods and even a swiss army knife. After this, the book has sections on exposure, aperture, shutter and lenses, interesting for both SLR or compact camera and film or digital users. Next, the authors introduce the reader to the planning and production of a photo and creative possibilities in sections such as composition, light, colour, filters and black and white. All of these sections include small projects to encourage the reader to try as he learns and small explanations on how the image achieved can go wrong. Finally, the last two chapters are on image enhancement (mostly, but not only, based on Photoshop) and management, organizing and printing images. I was glad to find that the book offers further reading advice and other strong points to it are the good quality images as examples to almost every concept and technique described, the reference of artists considered experts on them and the inclusion of a glossary and an index, sometimes forgotten but always useful in this kind of book.All in all, this is a really good read for photography beginners such as myself and, though one might need more information on some topics or could be happy with less time spent reading about others, as what each reader knows and is interested in a priori is different, I believe most would be satisfied with the organization and clear explanations given in Collins Complete Photography Course.This review was originally published on my blog, written both in English and Portuguese.