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One Month to Live (Marvel Premiere Editions)

Heroic Age: One Month to Live - Rick Remender, Stuart Moore, John Ostrander, Rob Williams, Andrea Mutti, Koi Turnbull I ordered this book from Amazon.co.uk together with the first Heroic Age Avengers' compilations because I was interested in what the story promised. It's not the first time one hears about a random person getting superpowers in a comic and following someone who was just given a determined amount of time to live on account of a medical condition is not at all an original concept but I was open and willing to look for a new interpretation of this. And that was precisely what I didn't find.Dennis Sykes - the main character - reacted mostly as one would expect him to, the plot was well developed, made sense and was coherent in spite of the many contributors but the most interesting events were his meetings with Spider-man and other Marvel celebrities just for the fun of it and even the end was generally predictable.I admit that no single criteria should be used alone when commenting on any book but in this case I considered the originality of paramount importance. On the other hand, I must emphasize that the story was well written, specially when by Rick Remender, and the illustrations were good, particularly the ones drawn by Andrea Mutti, Koi Turnbull, Shawn Moll - issues 1 and 2 - and the all of the issues' covers by Michael del Mundo.Overall it's not a bad comic book but it wasn't really exciting and by no means nearly as thought provoking as I expected.This review was originally published on my blog