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Z by Manuel Alves

Z - Manuel Alves

Z is a short story about artificial intelligence (or is it that artificial? one is never sure) and the terrors that come when the search for scientific knowledge has the investigator ignore all the ethical limitations. It's very well written, starting with a smart conversation to pique the readers interest, then slowly unfolding the plot and ending with no clear resolution. The shift in point of view allied with a change in the description of the characters (for example, the professor and his hands turn to the white monster and his claws) is really well done and actually made me smile. Though it might not be the author's intention, this does seem like a good idea for a full length novel, one that, having read this, I'd surely buy.


Review originally published on my blog.

Source: http://omnilogikos.blogspot.pt/2012/12/z-by-manuel-alves.html